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Italian Gold Grounds and Painted Grounds (1300 – 1560)

(1300 – 1560)

Our third exhibition of Italian works presented twenty-nine panels and a sculpture, ranging in date from about 1300 to 1560. Of these panels, seventeen had gold grounds and twelve had painted backgrounds, either with a uniform colour or with landscape or architecture.

The exhibition opened with three works from the very beginning of the 14th century and consisted of rediscoveries of works by very rare artists: two small panels by the Master of San Torpé, the great Pisan artist who was very close to Duccio (we had already presented a work by him in 1998), and an intensely moving Head of Christ, part of a cross by the leader of the Giottesque school in Rimini, Giuliano di Martino da Rimini, by whom only two other crosses and a few other works on panel are known.

The Bishop Saint by Angelo Puccinelli was also an important revelation for the oeuvre of this famous late 14th century painter from Lucca.

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